Cocoon is a portable safe space for epileptic seizures. For epileptics, seizures are 'normal', but there are necessary steps to ensure safety. Cocoon addresses all epileptic seizure first-aid requirements - anywhere, anytime.


Cocoon is the US National Winner of the James Dyson Award, placing in the International Top 20.

James Dyson Foundation video for US National Winner. Explains prototyping process, inspiration and product. 

Design Opportunity

Epileptic seizures can occur anytime, anywhere. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a portable safe space in which to have an epileptic seizure.


A product that improves patient safety by: informing by-standers on how to act, providing the necessary physical requirements (cushioning), and using IoT technology to call the ambulance and care-takers in case the patient is alone. 

Video explaining how Cocoon works. 

Head Protection

First aid mandates that the epileptic cushions their head and lies on their side to keep their airways open. Cocoon is made of foam shaped to encourage the user to remain lying on their side.


Cocoon can communicate even if the user is alone. When opened, Cocoon is activated, and informs care-takers of its location using GPS coordinates. Sensors detect convulsions, and call an ambulance after 3 minutes. It also detects when the user gets up - so that if the seizure ends early, the call is aborted and care-takers are informed the seizure is over.


Cocoon is portable. Cocoon is designed to roll into a pouch and function as a pill case when not in use. 

Form affects Function

Blue is a calming color, which is an essential mental state to be in when dealing with emergencies. Athletic wear inspired the form to ensure the product remained gender-neutral and empowering for the user, rather than a reminder of a disability.