Cocoon is a portable safe space for convulsive seizures. For many people, convulsive seizures are 'normal', but there are necessary steps to ensure safety. Cocoon addresses all convulsive seizure first-aid requirements - anywhere, anytime.


Cocoon is the US National Winner of the James Dyson Award, placing in the International Top 20.

James Dyson Foundation video for US National Winner. Explains prototyping process, inspiration and product. 

Personal Motivation

I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was eleven. Since then I’ve been hospitalized four times for convulsive seizures, three of them in dangerous locations where no one knew what to do. I began to become afraid to go out by myself. To this day, the fear of having an unsafe seizure hinders my everyday life. 


Convulsive seizures can occur anytime, anywhere. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a portable safe space in which to have an convulsive seizure.

Global Statistics
Storyboard of Problem

Case 1: Improper Care



Having a seizure in a 

dangerous location 

Putting choking

hazard in mouth


Case 2: Panic Call to Ambulance 

Hospital is expensive and often unnecessary

Worst Case: Too Scared to Leave Home

Gap in the Market

Medical Wristband

Training Course


Crumpled Clothes

Service Dog

Anti-Suffocation Pillow


Two types of convulsive seizure products come close to Cocoon: seizure first aid information products and seizure head protection. However, there are no products that do both. The continuous use of headgear is impractical, and seizure first aid information doesn’t provide physical protection. Cocoon fills this necessary gap in the market. It provides the freedom and confidence to pursue independent lives. 

Survey Responses

Yes, I go nowhere alone


Yes, I have a device to ensure safety

Yes, I avoid my triggers

All public places


On person


In my car


Transit hubs


Yes, many times

Yes, a few times




A product that consists of an anti-suffocation pillow and first aid instructions. This improves patient safety by: informing by-standers on how to act and providing the necessary physical requirements (cushioning and an open airway).

Storyboard of How to Use


Head Protection
Features: Head Protection

Lay down

Pouch holds daily medication

Instructions inform bystanders

Anti-suffocation pillow 

Mesh secures head on side

Contoured pillow keeps airway open

First aid mandates that the epileptic cushions their head and lies on their side to keep their airways open. Cocoon is an anti-suffocation pillow shaped to encourage the user to remain lying on their side. 

Head Protection
Features: Portable

Cocoon is portable. It is designed to roll into a pouch and function as a pill case when not in use, and pops open in 5 seconds when needed. 

Head Protection
Form affects Function

Blue is a calming color, which is an essential mental state to be in when dealing with emergencies. Athletic wear inspired the form to ensure the product remained gender-neutral and empowering for the user, rather than a reminder of a disability.

Head Protection
Video with Further Explanations