Empower. is a reusable menstrual pad designed to instill confidence to girls who miss school due to their periods. Fast-drying, it reduces the risk of bacterial infections from wet pads. Discreet, it reduces the embarrassment of changing at school. 

Design Opportunity



Seeing if pad is clean is hard with stacked layers

Single layer allows user to thoroughly clean pad

1-layer drying time: 4 hours 

3-layered menstrual pad drying time: 24+ hours

Current reusable pads require a bag in which to put used pads - an obvious sign of a period

Many schools don’t have running water, making bloody hands hard to wash

Bringing the pad bag to the bathroom is a source of embarrassment for many


A menstrual pad that opens for faster drying and thorough cleaning, and cinches into a pouch to eliminate the embarrassment of changing at school. 


The waterproof shell has an built-in draw-string, so that the pad is self-contained. When done using, the user pulls on two tabs and the pad cinches to become a pouch: eliminating the need to touch the soiled pad or bring an extra bag to the bathroom. 

Fast Drying

Empower. divides into two parts: the absorbent layers and the water-proof shell. The absorbent layers detach to unfold into one layer for faster drying and thorough cleaning, reducing risks of bacterial infection. 

Empower. Usage Manual
Bacterial Testing

All products (except the disposable) were worn, washed, and dried before testing. Bacteria was allowed to grow for one week.