CLIMB is a suitcase designed to make public transportation accessible to people who have difficulty carrying heavy items up/down stairs, by doing the heavy lifting for them. 

Design Opportunity

For people with difficulty walking, limiting travel can severely lower their quality of life. The purpose of this product is to enable users to travel independently - whenever and wherever they want.

suitcase exploded.JPG

A suitcase that does the heavy-lifting for you. The product is the size of a checked-in suitcase. It is

all-terrain and easy to use. 

climb inside mechanism.JPG

Climb uses treads and a motor powered by rechargeable batteries to climb stairs. The front is designed to clear the first stair and the treads are sized to constantly maintain two points of contact with the stairs, allowing it to propel itself up. 


Climb is also designed to ensure that it moves easily across smooth surfaces. On smooth surfaces, Climb stands vertically on four wheels- so that it can be rolled.