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A versatile shoe designed as a lighter alternative to hiking boots for light-hiking, that can also be used for everyday streetwear.

Design Opportunity

Lack of choice for stylish light-hiking shoes. Hiking boots are too bulky and sneakers lack enough grip.



Style: athleisure

Activity: light-hiking

The consumers are young women who enjoy light hikes outdoors, and want a shoe with good grip that can function well during their walks and also be incorporated into their streetwear.


Ideation sketches to brainstorm color, material, and finish.


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Color Gradient:

Gives a fun feel for incorporation into streetwear

Thick, Clear Grip:

Clear color makes shoe change in light, thick sole gives firm grip.

Fun colors and clear, chunky soles allow is to be used as streetwear. Firm grip makes them good for bumpy walks.

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